About Us

Kerala Ayurvedic Centre offers authentic traditional Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients.We use original Ayurvedic medicines from Kerala and treatment is given by team of experts under the efficient supervision of Ayurvedic Physician from Kerala. We firmly believe that the harmony of man's mind, body and soul is the basic tenet of good health. Hence, it is our constant striving not only to heal ailments but also to usher everybody into a healthy and happy lifestyle. No wonder, the health care services and authentic Ayurveda packages have won widespread recognition all over the world.

Best Results for

- Back pain, slip disc and sciatica
- Cervical and lumbar spondylitis
- Arthritis, joint pain & Rheumatic disease
- Paralysis & Facial palsy
- Frozen shoulder and post traumatic stiffness
- Obesity and post delivery management

Special features

- Traditional treatment methods
- Homely environment
- Economical treatment package
- Spacious bath attached treatment rooms
- Specially trained male and female therapists from Kerala

Kerala Special Treatment

- Abhyanga & Sweda
- Sirobasti
- Udvartana
- Sirodhara
- Ksheeradhara
- Takradhara
- Nethratharpana

Kerala Ayurveda Treatment