Snehapana means intake of medicated ghee or oil for the preparation of the patient for the main panchakarma process. It is 2 types,
1. Acha Snehapana

Acha Snehapana is giving heavy doses of medicated ghee for a period of 7 or 8 days and to find out the maximum dose the patient can digest. Usually starting with a lower dose, say 25 ml up to a maximum of 250-300 ml. Medicine is given in the early morning in empty stomach and is allowed to drink little by little shundi water to increase the digestive power, Light diet like kanji is given at times of appetite. It is not allowed to sleep during day time or any exercise is not allowed.

Vicharana is giving divided dose of ghee daily 2 times along with normal diet. After Snehapana patient is subjected to swedana process.

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