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Senior Ayurvedic Physician
PG from Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum

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NEXT availability on December 15th & 16th (Sunday & Monday), January 11th & 12th (Second Saturday & Sunday), February 8th & 9th (Second Saturday & Sunday)

Dr.Gopinath Mishra MD (Ayu)

Dr.Gopinath Mishra,is an Ayurveda physician .He was born in Puri district ,Orissa  in 1962 and his  Ayurveda medical graduation (B.A.M.S)  started  at  Gopabandhu  Ayurveda  Mahavidyalaya,Utkal University,Puri ,Orissa  and completed in 1988.He got qualified in  National level  PG Entrance Examination and got admission at Government Ayurveda College ,Thiruvanathapuram, KERALA,which is the pioneer institute of Ayurveda,established in the year  1889 by the erstwhile Maharaja of Travancore His Highness Sri  Mla Thirunnal Rama Varma.

During his Academic career ,he was specialised in ‘URDHWAGATHA ROGAS’(DISEASES OF EAR,NOSE,THROAT,HEAD ).He did his thesis work on FOLLICULAR CONJUNCTIVITIS (POTHAKI).It is conjunctivitis associated with hypertrophic lymphoid tissue as pinkish round bodies in the conjunctival fornices.It can be aute or chronic.He did his work based on Ayurvedic view and studied and did research regarding that condition.He later got his master degree in Ayurveda in 1991.

He is working since 1991.He is very much capable of diagnosing and treating a number of medical conditions.He has got special treating experience in Spinal disorders (back pain, cervical and lumbar spondylosis ),Sinusitis,ENT problems,Systemic disorders like Diabetes,Hypertension and various Nervous system disorders(Migraine,Hemiplegia,Parkinsonism,Arthritis ,)etc.He is expertised in Keraleeya Panchakarma Chikitsa  in Panchakarma by treating and curing various systemic disorders.He is also having a habit of collecting,reading,analysing a lot of ancient classical books regarding Ayurveda and propagates the informations  from them to every knowledge seeking students.

He did various researches,workshops,counselling,guest lectures,public talks in the area of various lifestyle disorders. On the way of his career he conducted so many paper presentations ,medical camps,theoretical sessions for students etc.He is a very disciplined and confident physician.He is now having 26 years of experience .

He is very simple and eager in academic discussions with students by sharing his clinical experience in various disorders .He is still continuing his personal researches in the field of ayurveda and volunteered in giving medical care in local clinics.His service is available in various places in India.At our centre he used to come at every second Saturday and the following Sunday in every month of the calendar.He is  showing intense and eager enjoyment and interest in the field of Ayurvedic clinical practises and in spreading the fruitfulness of ayurveda.