Kerala Special Therapy

1. UZHICHIL (Kerala traditional massage): Magical Traditional Healing with Soothing Touch

Uzhichil is a Kerala traditional massage  used with large amount of warm medicated  oil giving wonderful results as it tones the muscles, lubricates the joints, removes impurities from body and makes the skin softer, smoother and devoid of pains and fatigue.

Conditions in which Uzhichil is beneficial are: -

                                                             Musculo skeletal problems

                                                             Joint stiffness

                                                             Muscle flaccidity

                                                             Mental stress

                                                             General weakness etc.


2. PIZHICHIL:       The Only choice of Kings and Royals
Pizhichil is a Royal treatment enhanced by Maharajas of ancient India. During this indulgent treatment 20 liters of medicated and warmed Ayurvedic oil is continuously poured over the body while being gently massaged by the therapist for 40 to 50 minutes It is a procedure which improves the overall blood circulation in body and can cure various diseases and it leaves you energized, relaxed and rejuvenated by stimulating the nervous system.

 Conditions in which Pizhichil is beneficial are: -

Rheumatoid arthritis

                                                                 Slipped disc





                                                                 Sexual Weakness

    Parkinsonism          etc.



                                                            In this procedure we use Shashtika Rice processed in herbal decoctions and milk tied in a bolus to rub against the whole body or afflicted part of the body so as to provide heat to the pain afflicted joints, muscles or body parts.

                                                       It gives nutrition to the tissues which are undergoing depletion and degeneration .It improves muscle strength, rejuvenate and re energise the body.

                             Conditions in which Shashtika Sali Pinda Sweda is beneficial are: -




                                                    Intervertebral disc protrusion or prolapsed (IVDP) etc...(Slipped disc)

                                                    Sciatica (Gridhrasi)


In Thalapothichil, the Patient is allowed to sit comfortably (It is advised to remove hair to get a maximum effect).Patient is massaged on the head with lukewarm oil and mild fomentation is given. A cloth is tied around the head above the level of Ears and Eye brows. Then the paste that is already prepared by mixing powders of some drugs and is made into a paste in suitable medium and is pasted thickly on the Scalp. It should be paste in such a order that paste is first applied on the front followed by Right side, followed by Back side, followed by left side so that a small central portion is left unpasted.Now Oil for Thala is poured to this Central portion. With the suitable leaf, paste is covered completely and after covering the paste with leaf another cloth strand is tied above this leaf to keep it in position.

This paste should be kept for Duration of 30 – 60min, after the stipulated time period paste should be completely removed and Rasnadi Choorna (Rasnadi Powder) is applied over the Vertex.

Conditions in which Thalapothichil is beneficial are:-


                                                         Psychiatric Diseases




Finely ground Ayurvedic herbs and exotic sandalwood powder are mixed with precious Ayurvedic oils and gently massaged into the skin. This results in the stimulation of the energy flow in the body, the detoxification and nourishment of body tissues, the activation of the skin’s natural metabolism and also the improvement of lymph flow. The Udvartana massage cleanses and refines the skin structure and gives the skin a soft, silky texture and a lustrous glow.




Obesity, people who experience excess inactivity, imparting mobility to joints and strengthening the muscles, benefits: reducing the swellings, opening the sweat glands, gives the skin a soft, silky texture and a lustrous glow, melts extra superficial fat and improves the body shape




                                          Churna Pinda Sweda is a treatment in which herbal powders having analgesic, anti-degenerative and anti-inflammatory properties are used for fomentation (sweat inducing) of painful parts.We use herbal powders which are heated or fried in oil and are tied in a bolus.

                                           This provide relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness associated with bone(joint lock), joint and or musculoskeletal pains. It is highly beneficial in healing musculoskeletal and neuromuscular diseases.

                                           Conditions in which Choorna Pinda Sweda is beneficial are:-

                                                                Osteoarthritis (Sandhigatha vata)

                                                                Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata)

                                                                Lumbar Spondylosis

                                                                Cervical Spondylosis

                                                                Musculoskeletal pains etc...


                                                      Jambeera Pinda Sweda is a  hot fomentation or sweating treatment given to the painful parts by tying sliced lemon heat processed with other medicinal herbs tied in a bolus’. Medicaments are selected based on their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

                                             Jambira Pinda Sweda is used mainly to provide relief from pain. This treatment also effectively relieves the inflammation, swelling and stiffness (joint lock) associated with bone, joint and or musculoskeletal pains.

                                              Conditions in which Jambeera Pinda Sweda is beneficisl are :-

                                                                    Cervical spondylosis
                                                                    Lumbar Spondylosis

                                                                    Frozen Shoulder etc...




                                                       Patra Pinda Sweda is a type of sweat inducing treatment in which we use leaves of medicinal plants obtained from nature having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties,which are heated or fried in oil along with some medicaments and tied in a bolus.

                                                      This strengthen joints,muscles,and soft tissues and provide relief from pain and stiffness.

                                                       Conditions in which Patra Pinda Swedam is beneficial are: -

                                                                      Sciatica (Gridhrasi)

                                                                      Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata)

                                                                      Osteoarthritis (Sandhigatha vata)

                                                                      Low back pain (Katee sulam)

                                                                      Musculoskeletal pain


                                                               In this procedure we use heated sand tied in a bolus to provide heat to the pain afflicted joints or body parts. The heated bolus is continuously rubbed over the afflicted area.

                                                    This provides relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness (catch).

                                                    Conditions in which Valuka Pinda Sweda is beneficial are : -

                                                                  Rheumatoid Athritis(Amavata)

                                                                  Urusthambha (Stiffness of thigh and low back ache)

                                                                  Medo roga (Diseases due to the disturbances in fat metabolism)



                          Kati vasthi treatment is beneficial in low back ache, lumbar spondylosis, joint pain, disc prolapsed, sciatica etc.


                           Greeva vasthi treatment is beneficial in cervical Spondylosis, Sprains and Strains, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Slipped and Herniated disc and trauma to neck bone etc.


Shirodhara is a Kerala special ayurvedic treatment method. In Sanskrit language Shirodhara is composed of two words shiro + dhara. Shiro means head and Dhara means flow of warm oil. The patient lies supine on a flat surface with head back and a rolled towel or pillow beneath the neck. A stream of warm oil is drizzled very slowly onto the center of the forehead (the location of the "third eye") for 40 minutes followed by gentle scalp massage. The effect is indescribable.

A relaxing therapy where warm medicated oils are poured from a special vessel onto the center of the forehead, inducing a mental state of deep relaxation. It calms the nervous system and helps to melt away the chattering of the mind.

Shirodhara treatment is done in absolute silence. It takes you to deep relaxation and in to a balanced state of rest in mind and body. Best experienced after a massage, Shirodhara is one of our most popular Ayurveda treatments.  

  Shirodhara is a great rejuvenating therapy that gives a healthy face and body glow. In Ayurveda, rejuvenating therapy is the golden path to attain longevity as it is aimed at the preservation of health. Shirodhara helps to heal the body at the root level of disease, by calming imbalances in our mind and disturbances in our emotions it leaves you feeling in a heavenly state for the rest of your day.

Conditions in which Shirodhara is beneficial are: 





                                                               Greying of hair & Hair falling




Netra Tarpana is a special Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes. It relieves tiredness and also improves eyesight. It is highly recommended for people who regularly work at computers, operate machinery, drive for long periods or anyone who is currently suffering from tired, aching and sore eyes.


This Ayurveda treatment for eyes is carried out in combination with a face massage and is experienced by our guests as being very enjoyable, relaxing and effective. This therapy takes around 30 minutes in total.


Freshly made dough rings filled with fragrant oils containing herbal medicines are placed around the eyes; sterilized cow’s ghee (a clear butter-like liquid) is gently poured onto the eyes while they are kept open. It is very effective at treating eye diseases and poor or blurred vision.

Conditions in which Netra Tarpanam is beneficial are: 

                                                                    Vision problems

                                                                    Aching eyes

                                                                    Optic neuritis etc.





            The treatment consists of keeping the prescribed medicated oil at a bearable temperature in a leather cap fitted around the head of the patient. The oil is filled in the cap up to a level of one finger above the crown of the head. The duration of treatment is between one and one and half hours. Generally the course of treatment is only seven days at a stretch.


            Shirovasti is an important procedure which is found to be very effective in

                                                         Trigeminal neuralgia


                                                         Optic atrophy



                                                          Facial paralysis

                                                          In all diseases affecting cranial nerves.