Kerala Ayurvedic & Advanced Physiotherapy Centre offers authentic and traditional Ayurvedic treatment coupled with highly advanced physiotherapy for patients,combining the best of both worlds.

While Ayurveda has exploded across the globe, the number of fraudulent Ayurvedic centres have also increasingly cropped up. At KAC, we use authentic Ayurvedic medicines from Kerala and state-of-the-art physiotherapy equipment from leading healthcare providers monitored by our expert therapists and accredited Ayurvedic doctors from Kerala.

So, why is the combination of Ayurveda and Physiotherapy important?

Physiotherapy helps accelerate Ayurveda’s healing properties. It helps reduce pain,spasms and inflammation quickly while Ayurveda heals the inflammation enhancing a speedy recovery.

Physiotherapy restores normal biomechanics by strengthening weak muscles or enhancing the body with compensatory mechanisms like external appliances (splints,callipers etc.). Simultaneously, Ayurveda heals the soft tissues like muscles, cartilage and ligaments with herbal medicines and special techniques of the traditional Panchakarma therapy. What the patient gets is a reduced duration of illness, less reliance on harmful painkillers and a speedy recovery without side effects, all at aminimum expense.