Amplifying the basic tenets of Ayurveda, the idea of the Kerala Ayurvedic & Advanced Physiotherapy Centre in Bhopal originated in the minds of the members and followers of the legendary Kovoor family from the Travancore region in Kerala. Shri (Late) Kunjouseph Vaidyar and Shri (Late) Ulahannan Vaidyar were the first and second generation of Ayurvedic physicians from this regal family

While the idea was born decades ago, the actual physical manifestation happened a few years ago when the scion of the Kovoor family migrated from Kerala to Bhopal. Observing the lack of an Ayurvedic centre that was true to its roots and could serve the community at large, the idea of the Kovoor forefathers became reality.

Location: Kerala Ayurvedic & Advanced Physiotherapy Centre is located in Shakti Nagar, a BHEL town just 500 metres from Habibganj railway station and  AIIMS, Bhopal.