Will the results of my treatments be permanent or temporary?
It totally depends on the type of disease and its prognosis. Degenerative and autoimmune disorders require periodic follow up treatments. We ensure that your quality of life improves after even a single sitting.

Can Physiotherapy alone heal my pain?
Physiotherapy can give instant pain relief and increase mobility and strength, but Ayurveda will help rejuvenate the soft tissue, providing a more long-term benefit. This is why, at KAC, we offer a mix of both.

What are the side effects of LASER treatment?
Some laser treatments can have side effects. However, the machine that we use is fully certified by FDA & CE (the highest certification worldwide) to be harmless. According to the manufacturer and our personal experience, no side effects have been reported till date, worldwide.

Can I reduce my pain in one sitting?
The level of pain relief will vary depending on the disease or injury, but overall, you can reduce your pain and discomfort in a single sitting.

Can I do Panchakarma myself?
NO! We highly advise against it. Panchakarma should only be done after consulting an Ayurvedic physician and even then should only be done under the guidance of a qualified and registered Ayurvedic physician. This is also applicable for any system of medicine; self diagnosis and self treatment is always harmful.

Is it true that Ayurvedic treatments have no side effects?
NO. It can be harmful if it's not administered and performed correctly. It can also be harmful when instructions given by the physician are not followed.

Can I do all the Panchakarma treatments?
Yes, you can undergo all the Panchakarma treatments if you have the time and patience for the same. Generally, selected procedures are done as per the requirement.

Can a healthy person undergo Panchakarma?
Yes, Panchakarma is not only for the treatment of diseases but also for maintaining good health. This purification treatment removes the toxins  accumulated in the body and rejuvenates it, thus improving the vitality of the body.

Can I cure my slip disc at KAC?
All conditions of Spondylosis, Spondylitis, Spondylolysthesis, Arthritis and other degenerative and neurological conditions can be effectively MANAGED by a combination of Ayurveda and Physiotherapy. So while you will get relief from pain and recover mobility, it is not completely curable.

Is there treatment for lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, PCOS etc?
Yes, Ayurveda has great scope in getting good results for lifestyle disorders through Panchakarma and disease-specific diet and regiments.

Can we avoid surgery by doing Ayurvedic treatments?
This depends on the stage of the disease and the disease itself. In certain conditions like slip disc, spondylosis, arthritis etc, we can manage the  condition with Ayurveda and Physiotherapy. However, beyond a certain stage, especially in severe conditions, we can’t. 

Is there any treatment for skin and hair problems?
Yes, with proper treatment along with a strict diet and regiments, many skin and hair conditions can be managed and brought back to their natural state.

Why Should You Choose Us?
We have years of experience, the right expertise and trained and certified staff and doctors along with cutting edge technology to back up our claims. But to make it simple, here are 4 more reasons to visit Kerala Ayurvedic & Advanced Physiotherapy Centre.

  • The unique combination of traditional Ayurvedic therapy, techniques and medicines, and the latest, imported, cutting edge technology for pain
  • Noticeable improvements even after a single session!
  • The safe way to manage pain, reduce dependency on painkillers, and delay or avoid surgery in generative conditions like slip disc, arthritis etc.
  • The ONLY Centre in Bhopal which provides authentic Kerala Ayurvedic treatment and procedures, supervised by doctors from Kerala.
  • Reduced cost as the combination of advanced physiotherapy and ayurveda means you require fewer visits.