What Is Urovasthi Treatment

What Is Urovasthi?

Uro: chest or thoracic region

Vasthi: To hold

Thus urovasti means a treatment in which the medicated oil are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in compartment or cabin constructed over the chest area using wet floor of black gram, covering the area of heart and lungs.

It can also e considered as the extension over similar oil pooling treatments like shirovasti, kativasti, greeva vasti and janu vasti.


  1. Vatika kasa / vataja kasa: Dry, hacking, painful cough (with little or no phlegm), whooping cough, bronchitis, smokers cough allergic cough, seasonal cough which occurs or worsens in monsoon, cough exacerbated by excessive cold and dry food.
  2. Swasa/Swasakrichra : Condition where the patient is suffering from difficulty in breathing, dyspnoea especially having its origin in the lungs or heart.
  3. Shortness of breath: Urovasti is done in most chronic and stubburn conditions of shortness of breath, but the physician should take the call whether it is the best option in a given case or if as better option exist.
  4. Hridroga: heart disease especially caused by vata can be effectively delt with urovasti.

Hridroga associated with ayama – cardiomegaly or

Hrutsula – pain of cardiac origin.

  1. Arochaka: anorexia, tastelessness of chronic nature.
  2. Bhaktharodha : Aversion toward food.
  3. Chardi : Vomiting.
  4. Jihwasthamba: Stiffness of tongue.